Workshop on Security for Embedded and Mobile Systems (SEMS 2017)
    30 April 2017
   Paris, France


Welcome to the home page of the workshop on Security for Embedded and Mobile Systems (SEMS). It will be held in Paris (France), 30 April, 2017. The workshop will be organized in conjunction with IEEE Euro S&P 2017 and EUROCRYPT 2017.


  • 23.02.2017: SEMS 2017 will host a panel on "Security issues for IoT systems including standardization, malware and other attacks"
  • 22.02.2017: Tentative programme is now online
  • 24.11.2016: Accepted SEMS 2017 papers will be included in the proceedings of "IEEE Euro S&P Workshops"
  • 04.11.2016: Srdjan Capkun (ETH Zurich) and Bart Preneel (KU Leuven) are confirmed as SEMS 2017 keynote speakers
  • 07.10.2016: Website is online


Embedded and mobile devices that provide security and crypto functionalities and manage private and confidential data are omnipresent in our daily lives. Examples of such devices range from smart cards and RFID tags, to mobile phones, tablets, and IoT devices. Ensuring the security and privacy of these devices is a challenging problem, as witnessed by recent breaking of crypto and security systems used in mobile phones, car keys, and RFID-enabled cards. Typical threats to extract the keys include side-channel and fault analysis.

Additionally, the vulnerabilities of the devices imply also privacy concerns. The operating systems supporting some of those devices, particularly mobile phones and tablets, but also IoT ones, have become very complex. Various sorts of malware present a constant threat for users. Although measures like application sandboxing take place, they also open the court for new attacks by constantly collecting and organizing sensitive information about the user.

The workshop seeks submissions from academia and industry presenting novel research results on the following topics of interest:

  • Security architectures for embedded and mobile systems
  • Physical (side-channel and fault) attacks on embedded and mobile systems
  • Hardware security of mobile devices
  • (mobile) Malware detection and prevention
  • Machine learning applications to highlight possible threats to user privacy
  • Privacy-preserving issues for mobile devices
  • Secure localization and location privacy for mobile devices
  • Security and privacy in the Internet of Things
  • Secure execution environments (e.g., TrustZone, TPMs) on mobile devices
  • Sensor spoofing attacks

We especially encourage novel ideas exploiting architecture-specific or novel “out of the box” attacks combining ideas from different communities, e.g., malware detection or privacy violation using side-channels.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: 10 December, 2016 17 December, 2016 (11:59pm CET)
  • Notification: 20 January, 2017 30 January, 2017
  • Camera-ready submission: 13 February, 2017
  • Workshop: 30 April, 2017

Organized by

The workshop is jointly organized by Lejla Batina from Digital Security group, Radboud University (The Netherlands) and Mauro Conti from SPRITZ group, University of Padua (Italy).